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I am not here to perch on your shoulder :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 1 1 Gloyd Orange Boar Helmet :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 3 4 Erectin' A Dispenser 2.0 :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 3 4 Squishy Companion Cube :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 3 7 Erectin' A Dispenser :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 123 51 Tattoos? :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 0 0 Dozing - No BS BG :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 2 0 Dozing :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 4 5 Star and Harmony, with Studios :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 3 4 Blatent Lies :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 2 1
Who Am I?
Sometimes I feel so foolish
Wearing a clown's old smile
Sometimes I feel so proud
Because I've done something worthwhile
Sometimes I feel like a hero
So I can try to save the day
Sometimes I play the villan
And hate the price I always pay
Sometimes I want to hold them
And keep them safe and warm
Sometimes I want to hurt them
And get caught up in the storm
But sometimes isn't always
It's not who I want to be
And underneath these part-time masks
Is something I can't see.
Sometimes I am the good child
To make my parents proud
Sometimes I want to be the bad one
So I can scream my pain aloud
Sometimes I want to yell
And make myself be heard
But all I ever seem to do
Is never say a word
Sometimes I feel so sure
Sometimes I fall apart
Sometimes I know just who I am
And then sometimes invades my heart
So can you tell me who I am,
Can you tell me what I see?
Because I'm living with these sometimes-parts
And I don't know which one is me.
Not any more.
:iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 2 0
Falling Stars
His wings were of fire, glory and fame
A moment of beauty
A second of pain
Flying to fall
And get up again
A freedom that burns
:iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 0 0
Super Squid :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 1 2
Dreamers- 1st Dream
A girl walks into the room.
She walks quietly; so small amidst the crowd it's almost impossible to tell she's there, yet with such an air of importance that you'd trip over your feet to get out of her way. No one notices her, too busy with their own life to pay attention to someone else's, but she doesn't mind. She is the eye in the storm, peaceful and calm amongst the roar of the crowd.
For a second, she stops, searching the crowd with a strange curiosity. At first you think she's seen you, but no; she was looking for something else. And for moment, the air around her blurs, bulges, swirling around her, distorting and twisting the world as if it was just an image reflected in a pool. She smiles, almost as if she's seeing something you're not, and reaches out towards the swirls; but in the blink of an eye, her smile fades, and the world returns to normal.
She continues on through the clatter of the lunchroom, dodging elbows and trays as she brushes past. The afternoon sun glints off th
:iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 1 3
Who I Am :iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 0 7
100 Days
Where will I be in a hundred days?
What can change in a hundred days?
I will be in the same room
The same house
The same town
The same body
But I will not be the same.
In a hundred days I will be a hundred days older
I will have seen a hundred sunrises
And a hundred sunsets
I will have lived to see another day
And have seen us live the day away
I will have smiled a hundred smiles
And shed a hundred  tears
I will have reached out a hundred times
And ignored a hundred hands
I will have touched a hundred people
And be touched by a hundred more
I will have hurt a hundred times
And healed a hundred pains
I will have drowned in a hundred worries
And throw a hundred cares away
I will have lived a hundred lives
And had lived but only one
What can change in a hundred days?
I will be in the same room
The same house
The same town
The same body
But I will have lived a hundred days
And I will never be the same.
:iconsuper-squid-girl:super-squid-girl 1 2


'Man-Makeup' and Stubble Tutorial :iconadmantius:Admantius 767 50 AVENGERS: United we Stand :iconmanafromheaven:ManaFromHeaven 255 103 soundwave hoodie tutorial: pt3 :iconkeyismykitty:keyismykitty 25 0 Pottermore Students :iconsamonsterx:samonsterX 10 14 TF Prime - Starscream :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 2,431 263 Kraken on Homework :iconryua:Ryua 24 10 Young Justice: Go Team :iconakusesu:Akusesu 2,590 259 Human Slickkkk :iconarok318:arok318 727 41 a whole castiel :iconrottendeadpan:RottenDeadpan 1,194 109 The Gentlemanly Escort Cube :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 21,022 1,504 The Bucket Sailor. :iconowlink:owlink 536 51 sisters :iconbleedman:bleedman 5,583 474 Happy Place. :iconowlink:owlink 370 67 Offering :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 2,863 197 Meme of Slender Proportions :iconkatscoven:KatsCoven 732 186


...that I have not updated my journal in almost a year. Thought I would fix that.
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I don't really do much........
Artist | Hobbyist
Not to sure what to say here. I draw a bit. Rarely upload anything. I might update something once in a blue moon(I didn't update my journal for almost a year), but not much more.


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